Ladyfest Brisbane (lady_brisbane) wrote,
Ladyfest Brisbane

Come along to our movie night!

LADYFEST BRISBANE and 4ZZZ present a Ladyfest Brisbane fundraiser movie night!!

Thursday 7 July, 7pm
At the Globe Theatre (old Valley Twin near Brunswick St train station, 220 Brunswick St)
Films: Born in Flames, Daises, the Velvet Vampire

ONLY $5!!! There will be popcorn, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate crackles, ladyfest undies!!

BORN IN FLAMES (USA, dir. Lizzie Borden 1983) I am convinced that if I quit everything and just devoted my life to making sure this film is seen by absolutely everyone, I will have done something truly worthwhile. Set in the future, battling feminist factions (materialists, socialists etc) drive around in milk truck style vans running rebel radio stations and planning various attacks on the system. Featuring actual activists (most notably Florynce Kennedy), this movie is my total punk rock dream come true. It mixes my two favourite things, feminism and the "what if" scenario, to create a blueprint for building coalitions across lines of class, race and sexuality. Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin)

DAISIES (Czechoslovakia, dir. Vera Chytilova 1966) Two teenage girls, both named Marie, decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the government.

THE VELVET VAMPIRE (dir. Stephanie Rothman 1971) Sleepy-eyed nice guy Lee Ritter and his vapid, but pretty wife, Susan accept the invitation of mysterious vixen Diane LeFanu to visit her in her secluded desert estate.Tensions arise when the couple, unaware at first that Diane is in reality a centuries-old vampire, realize that they are both objects of the pale temptress' seductions.

Shorts by Maya Deren, 1940s/1950s USA avant-garde film-maker, including MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON, MEDITATION ON VIOLENCE, THE VERY EYE OF THE NIGHT
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