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Ladyfest Brisbane

Ladyfest Brisbane is running from September 8-11 2005. Ladyfest Brisbane is a non-profit, community based festival that reflects the skills and interests of women. Originally launched in Washington in 2000, Ladyfest was devised as a platform to showcase, encourage and celebrate the talents of women and girls around the world.

Ladyfest Brisbane will feature performances by bands, art and photography, workshops and panel discussions, as well as an art, craft and bake fair.

Come to a Ladyfest fundraising event!

May 25 @ Ric’s LADYFEST LOVES #1 with Nicole Thibault (Minimum Chips), Sun Hill and Muffia DJs
June 4 @ 610 Ann Street HAIRY CHESTS 4 LADYFEST with Suffer Gents, Night Crash, Singers (Ben Thompson/Lawrence English), Happy Christmas and In Finland
June 18 @ The Globe Theatre (cnr Brunswick/Alfred St near train station entrance) LADIES-A-GO-GO with Toxic Lipstick, Tequila Mockingbird, Three Dead Boys, Strictly and Penny Lame
July 15 @ Ric’s LADYFEST LOVES #2 with The Scare and On/Ox
July 21 LADYTRASH film screenings in conjunction with Trash Video, venue and films to be announced

Why Ladyfest?
Although progress has been made towards equality for all genders, women’s art is still not given the respect and audience it deserves. Ladyfest is a chance to provide the same level of peer support and validation that is offered to males in our culture. We recognise the inequalities faced by past, present, and future women and society's continual refusal to acknowledge our accomplishments, abilities, and experiences as valid and vital. We are responding to the continued need to carve independent spaces to show our work on our own terms, outside the confines of normatively-defined and approved self-expression.

Our goals are:

· To inspire ladies of all ages to become active creators of art, not just consumers.
· Equal representation of women and girls in the arts.
· To build a sustained, supportive community for women in Brisbane
· Increased respect and acceptance of female artistic endeavours amongst media, venue bookers, record labels, and other industry gatekeepers.

Can boys come to all of the Ladyfest events?
Boys are welcome to attend almost all of the Ladyfest events. Attendance at some of the forums may be restricted to women only but these will be specified on the program when it is released.

What can I do to help?
At the moment, we're looking for people interested in helping us with fundraising ideas. If you want to play at or put on a fundraising show, let us know:

Eventually, we’ll be looking for volunteers to help us out with everything from putting up posters to taking tickets at the festival. We will soon be calling an open meeting where everyone is invited to come and submit ideas and offer help. Until then, please express your interest to

I’m a boy, can I help too?
Of course! While the primary organisers of Ladyfest Brisbane are women, Ladyfest is a participatory festival and everyone is welcome to attend and volunteer at the festival.

Boys in bands are already organising and playing at fundraising shows, and we’ll soon be calling for volunteers to help us with things leading up to and during the festival.

Everyone is welcome to attend the open meeting mentioned above. Until then, please express your interest to

There are boys in my band, can we still play at Ladyfest?
Yes! However, there must be at least one female in a major role in the band. If you’re still unsure if you qualify, send us an email at or a demo and bio to: PO Box 1469 Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006.

What is meant by “Lady”?
Events listed as “women only” are open to all women, including women who identify as men, and ladies who were born gentlemen. This also applies to performing at Ladyfest.

Transgendered women are welcome to lead workshops, play music and show art.

Who is organising Ladyfest Brisbane?
Ladyfest Brisbane is planned and put together by a group of women from Brisbane who are volunteering their vision, services, time and organisational skills to make the festival a reality.
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